Gameplay Journal Entry #3

Mods are a vary versatile topic to cover and use depending on what the person wants to do. Some add new and exiting story elements to thier exiting game. Add new models that make the game different to the players perspective. Like switching character existing model to a more weird and bizarre one with the some physics but wired movement. For this discussion, a simple mod that just takes away glitch and scetent game engine bugs can be to basic for my taste. Si i choose ones that meme or improve the game by additional content or funny graphics. Which for me is why people like playing mods. Like in ARK survival evolved by adding additional creature form different setting or more dinosaurs not included in the game ( for example Others may include the highly debatable or morally pure for game developers “cheats”.Depending on said attention it can make games longer, funnier, or more easy from what modderes want.

For the topic on Anne-Marie Schleiner’s concept of the “parasite”, from most of critics feels like that game should be structed the way they are intended. Such meme content and out of the ordinary process can distribute the said flow. But for me games are moving art and a movie you can control the pace Open world games encourage open ended exploration and non-structured interactions, rather than strictly adhering to game rules or pursuing mission objectives( Scleiner.p8). for this day and age, I am an avid gamer and Youtube watcher and thier is not one day I don't see a modd video for a game. I like ones that add to the game not just fix it. The new game I have scene that has colorful mod is the new game Friday Night Funkin ( Giving the player new animations, songs, and fun animations from out side media characters). Those who damage the game by making it for propaganda uses or to suit thier needs are the paparacties. Those who do them are those who want to elevate the game and give it more attention and love.

Anne-Marie Schleiner. “The Players Power to Change the Game”. Amsterdam University press: Amsterdam 2017