Gameplay Journal Entry #10

It is finally come time, to talk about ideas of the potential development of a game. Pacifically 3 different ideas of a game. Although my experience in this field is between nonanimal at best and none at worst. I have a multitude of ideas and creative thoughts to make up it. Also plain old hard work to achieve it. But this game must not be simply a game of pew pew or endlessly level on and on. It must be topical and impactful not visually but narratively. It has to a message, point, a game of critical play. These types of games explain the topics upon certain social issues that we want to express. Such as racial discrimination, drug abuse, bullying, etc. So with this its pretty open ended, so the topics ideas I would like to work with would be: bullying, political division, and mental health. With these topics I would use a very simple game engine, 8-bit, but with good point and some dialogue. For the first topic idea would use a side scroller with simple sprites. The setting would be a school in black and white and the antagonist would be the said bullies in varied of misshapen states. As perceived by are protagonist in a blue hue, while the others are in a more darken red. Due to his state of mind he or she would want to get out of the school as per the sounding of the bell while the bullies tied to target him. It would be a single level game and if they catch him they would inflect damage and a said game over scream would be them standing over him/her. I would make the protag look simple and not a pacific gender looking. The goal is to get out and tell your parents and or faculty members outside before they catch you and do what bullies do. It would be simple but I would include dialogue and intro in-between segments of damage and an ending.

The second idea is based on the various rally and riots of these few years. This may be a more advance idea but it would be a satiric game that sows are pollical parties supports showing thier view in unhealthy way, hence them fighting. It will be you as BOB, generic and it would be a street of rage boss's fighting game that is just a 2d side step form left and right with dialogue form the protagonist, Bob, and his many adversaries. Its starts that you as bob get confronted by an officer of the law and he warns you about the protester's up ahead, but you have the personality of , “Doesn't seem so bad” But you progress down each supporters and each are a bit disagreeable. The fist each person ask you is what side your on, but each time I would get Bob to say something sensible. Then they would procced to fight you and each with his or her own style and you listening to thier batter and ignorance until you beat them, literally. At minimum I but t7 stages with each an either left or right supporter acting ignorant. Each opposing stage Bob words get a lot more pessimistic as the more unnecessary fights he continues to be in. Making him more ignorant and the rioter and fed up on the violence's which so am I. Also some normally looking victims will be available for Bob to calm down and see the bigger picture. So the to endings would be Bob either giving in to the hate or him at the final battle its not worth it and be his normally sensible self. I want to show this to show the ignorance of both sides and want to show such violence does to the average person. My LAST idea might be a bit controversial topic of mental health, where you push some one to far. I want to give my audience the question, “whos the blame for the black lash, the monster , or the person who created said monster” It would be the said protagonist would be a more up and down side to side scroller ( similar to my first one but different) My no named character would have a meter white to red left to right. You have a stress disorder and when you are put to ab pacifically stressfully situation such as attack's of others your stress goes up. I also want to put a cutscenes similar to UNDERTALE. You have medication and bystanders near by to comfort you do this journey. So the goal is to make your matter go to white as soon as possible. As time progresses the hostiles element will come towards you. So you go down to white you win but it goes to deep red you freak out and collapse from the stress. The screen and the environment would get darker or lighter depending on your stress levels. It would be a game of the stigma of someone would judges some one else for thier preexisting condition and thier struggles overcoming it. I was gonna put a berserk mode after the meter goes, but that would seem inappropriate so I would have to swing that concept a different way. So maybe a game over scenario would be more appropriate



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